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Swim & Snorkel with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles (Honu)!

Beautiful underwater honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles) footage taken by a guest staying at Napili Point Resort recently while snorkeling in Honokeana Bay. To view the DVD, visit our website at There is a photo of a turtle on the homepage that you can click onto, to swim and snorkel with the turtles! While staying at our resort you will see so many turtles in the bay.

Many times in the morning and evenings they will actually come right up close and personal at the edge of the bay to eat algae and sea grass from the coral reefs. Only at Napili Point Resort can you enjoy the turtles every day of your visit.

Did you know that the green sea turtle must swim to the surface every few minutes in order to breathe? However, when they are sleeping or resting at night adult sea turtles can remain underwater for nearly 2 hours without breathing. However, this ability develops with age, so young sea turtles must sleep floating on the water’s surface.

Would you like to come and visit our honu daily?  Our “Live Web Cam” is ready for viewing during daylight hours.  You can zoom in on the honu and snorkelers and watch them all day long if you like.  Click on the first box on the homepage to open the webcam for viewing.

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