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Lahaina’s Fireworks Display – July 4th 2011

Lahaina put on a great fireworks show on July 4th this year.  We went to town at around 4pm and Front Street was already starting to be closed off so we parked several blocks away at the far south end of Lahiana and then walked into town.  It was a beautiful day, around 82 degrees with gentle tradewinds blowing – hardly a cloud in the sky.

It was very fun to walk Front Street with no automobiles.  Lots of people were already starting to congregate in the streets and enjoy a leisurely time of shopping and dining.  We went to Cool Cats to eat – I think has the best hamburgers on Maui!  Got in within a few minutes and sat by Front Street to watch the crowd.

After Cool Cats, we strolled back on Front Street and stopped along the way at the park right in Front of the Library by the Lahaina Harbor.  A live band was playing 80’s music to several hundred people.  Across the street was live Hawaiian music!

By the time we got down to the seawall on Front Street, (directly in front of the sunken ship), the crowd was getting fairly large.  I claimed my spot right on the seawall where I could (hopefully) take a couple of good photos of the fireworks.  I think almost every boat on this side of the island started to descend in one area trying to get the closest spot to the barge with the fireworks.  The sunset was beautiful and just as it was over, a large cruise ship came around Kaanapali point and joined the other boats to watch the show.

Promptly at 8pm the fireworks began.  Here’s some photos – if you look closely, you can see people in kayaks right underneath the fireworks!!

After the fireworks show was over, we made our way through the crowd back to the car and on home.  The next day in the Maui News paper, it was estimated there were 30,000 people in attendance!

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