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Humpback Whale Competition Pod

Humpback Whale Competition Pod I recently went whale watching aboard Teralani 3, a 60′ catamaran.  We boarded the boat right off Kaanapali Beach.  The weather was great and the ocean calm – perfect for whale watching.  Capt. Budd was at the helm with Iani, Kevin and videographer Ananda on board.  It didn’t take very long to find pods of whales – they were all over!

Capt. Budd found a competition pod of 2 males and 1 female.  There was a lot of action and at one point there were at least 5 male humpbacks and the female.  It was great fun when one of the males swam right at and then underneath the boat!  He did that about 4 times.

On the way back to shore we paralled a whale that was swimming right along with us.  It was really an amazing day.  (Oh by the way, these are North Pacific Humpback Whales.)

YouTube link to view video or Facebook Fan Page – Whale Watching .

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