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Honokeana Bay

Napili Point Resort From A “Different Point Of View”

The "point" at Napili Point Resort

Snorkelers enjoying beautiful Maui weather and the honu (turtles) in Honokeana Bay – off the “point” of the resort!


Carthaginian II – Lahaina, Maui

Many of you might remember the 100-foot, two-masted Carthaginian II, that lived at the Lahaina Harbor.  The ship was carefully sunk a half-mile off of Lahaina between Puamana and Launiupoko Park on a sandy bottom in 95 feet of water in December 2005 because it lacked coral reefs and marine life in the area.

Atlantis Submarine chose this location because it lacked coral reefs and marine life in the area. The company soon incorporated the fascinating sight of the sunken Carthaginian II into its submarine tour. Guests in the 48-seat, battery-powered submarine enjoyed seeing the ship up-close in its permanent resting place, and as time passed, fish and other marine life began to make the vessel their home.

Five years later, Atlantis reported that the Carthaginian II is a thriving artificial reef with an abundance of colorful fish. The vessel’s surfaces are encrusted with plant and animal life — a garden tended by plankton-eating fish.

Only in Hawaii do we send off our loved ones this way – enjoy the video! Maui Carthaginian – Rest in Peace


Pineapple Cutting Demonstration

Napili Point Resort – We invite you join us for a pineapple cutting demonstration every Wednesday from 11:00AM-12:00PM.  Nani demonstrates methods of cutting and presentation of pineapples as well as answer questions about Hawaii. Click on this link to enjoy the video of Nani’s Pineapple Cutting Demonstration



Queen’s Treasure

Just got news on a new 64′ sailing catamaran “Queen’s Treasure” currently being built by Gold Coast Yachts in St. Croix.  Once completed, she will be sailed to Kaanapali and begin charter operations this summer.  Here’s a link with lots of photos for those of you that might enjoy following her construction.  Can’t wait to go sailing on this one!


Surf Was Up on Maui Today

The surf was up today on Maui (3/15/11).  Went down to the Napili Point Resort today at around noon to watch the surfers at “Hole in the Head” and “Little Makaha”.  The tradewinds were blowing a bit so it wasn’t glassy but the sets were nice.  There were lots of guests enjoying the surfers from their oceanfront lanais and in beach chairs on the grass areas overlooking Honokeana Bay. Website: Facebook:


Humpback Whale Competition Pod

Humpback Whale Competition Pod I recently went whale watching aboard Teralani 3, a 60′ catamaran.  We boarded the boat right off Kaanapali Beach.  The weather was great and the ocean calm – perfect for whale watching.  Capt. Budd was at the helm with Iani, Kevin and videographer Ananda on board.  It didn’t take very long to find pods of whales – they were all over!

Capt. Budd found a competition pod of 2 males and 1 female.  There was a lot of action and at one point there were at least 5 male humpbacks and the female.  It was great fun when one of the males swam right at and then underneath the boat!  He did that about 4 times.

On the way back to shore we paralled a whale that was swimming right along with us.  It was really an amazing day.  (Oh by the way, these are North Pacific Humpback Whales.)

YouTube link to view video or Facebook Fan Page – Whale Watching .


Skiing Massive Waves

This is fun – Popular Tahoe free-skier and trained racer, Chuck Patterson, was recently on Maui and rode a 20ft. wave at Jaws. But get this – he rode the wave on skis (surf-skiing)! Here’s the link to watch the video and read the article.


Humpback Whales

Click on the link below to visit our Napili Point Resort Facebook Fan page.  Once there, check out the short video on the January 19, 2011 post.  This is a video taken by Ananda, who crews on the Teralani catamaran.  The humpback whales surrounded the boat and she took this fabulous “double breach” – enjoy!



How do you say “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Hawaiian?

How do you say Happy Valentine’s Day in Hawaiian? 

Hau’oli La Aloha (horizontal line above the a in La) Literally means: Happy Love Day

Come visit us at Napili Point Resort




The North Pacific Humpback Whales are back!

The North Pacific humpback whales, we affectionately refer to as our “gentle giants”, have arrived!  The humpbacks begin their migration approximately 3,000 miles from the cold arctic waters to the warm waters of Hawaii, to mate, give birth to their calves, and rear their young.  The shallow waters surrounding Maui are known as the “cradle of the humpback” due to the significant number of humpbacks raised in this area.  

The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary is one of only 12 marine national parks and is the only preserve in the United States dedicated to a marine mammal.  During the peak season (mid-December to mid-March), there are literally thousands of humpback whales in our islands. On Maui, we are fortunate to have hundreds of daily humpback whale sightings well into April and May.

We so enjoy these gentle giants at Napili Point Resort. We invite you to come visit us soon! Call toll free at 1-800-669-6252 (US and Canada) or direct 1-808-669-9222, Daily 7AM-9PM Hawaii Standard Time


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