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Amazing Video of Humpback Whales!

Very cool underwater photo taken recently by Lahaina photographer Brandon Pinard aboard Queen’s Treasure. Went on that catamaran for a whale watch a few days ago and the boat got “mugged” by several pods – we hope you enjoy!




Kapalua Resort Trails – Maunalei Arboretum

For those of you that like to walk and hike, Kapalua has 100 miles of incredible scenic walking trails that start just a few minutes from our resort.  I recently went up to the Maunalei Arboretum and did the Mahana Ridge Trail hike. We intended to do 1.5 miles to look at the views but ended up doing the entire trail which was about 8 miles!  (A free shuttle leaves regularly from Kapalua to the arboretum where several of the trails begin.)

 I’m sure a lot of you have enjoyed the Coastal Trail while staying with us at Napili Point Resort (  It runs north from Kapalua Bay Beach, across Hawea Point, to a boardwalk across the sand dunes at Oneloa Bay (locals call it Ironwoods Beach).  Here’s a link to download the Kapalua Resort Trails Booklet with all the info.  Kapalua Resort Trails Booklet



Napili Point Resort – Upper West Side Beaches

Napili Point is located on a rocky promontory of land and coastline, facing into Honokeana Bay. It’s an approximate 200 yard walk to the beautiful and very long, sandy beach of Napili Bay.  There is no small beach at Honokeana Bay.  Please visit our website at and look at the 3rd photo at the bottom of the homepage.  Napili Bay is a 3-5 minute walk from our resort, along an ocean front path.                           

Also when you are visiting our website, on the homepage, there is a 3 photo “flash” and one of them is a beautiful photo of our resort and where it is located in respect to Honokeana and Napili Bay’s.  You will also find a great photo by clicking on our “Directions” link at the top of the homepage

Did you know that Napili Point Resort is located within minutes of the following West Maui beaches?  Napili Bay, Kapalua, Ironwoods Beach at Kapalua, D.T. Fleming, Mokule’ia Beach “Slaughterhouse”.

To look at photos of each of these beautiful beaches, click on this link which will take you right to the photo album on our Facebook Fan Page


Napili Point Resort Photos

We had Mike Hare and his family visiting Napili Point Resort recently.  He took absolutely amazing photos while snorkeling with the honu (turtles) in Honokeana Bay (the bay is literally just steps away from your door at the resort)!  Other photos he took while on Maui included Mala Wharf , Kahakaloa, Nakalele Point, and Black Rock.  I thought a couple of  the most incredible photos were of a sunset at the resort – you have to check these out.  They look like paintings instead of still photos.  Here’s a direct link to the entire photo album on our Napili Point Resort Facebook Fan Page – Photos by Mike Hare  ENJOY! (Remember you don’t have to have a Facebook account to enjoy our public site!)

The land camera Mike used is a Nikon D300 and underwater is a Canon Powershot s95 / w Canon waterproof case (can do stills and 720 p HD video ).

Napili Point Resort Website:


Skiing Massive Waves

This is fun – Popular Tahoe free-skier and trained racer, Chuck Patterson, was recently on Maui and rode a 20ft. wave at Jaws. But get this – he rode the wave on skis (surf-skiing)! Here’s the link to watch the video and read the article.


How do you say “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Hawaiian?

How do you say Happy Valentine’s Day in Hawaiian? 

Hau’oli La Aloha (horizontal line above the a in La) Literally means: Happy Love Day

Come visit us at Napili Point Resort




The North Pacific Humpback Whales are back!

The North Pacific humpback whales, we affectionately refer to as our “gentle giants”, have arrived!  The humpbacks begin their migration approximately 3,000 miles from the cold arctic waters to the warm waters of Hawaii, to mate, give birth to their calves, and rear their young.  The shallow waters surrounding Maui are known as the “cradle of the humpback” due to the significant number of humpbacks raised in this area.  

The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary is one of only 12 marine national parks and is the only preserve in the United States dedicated to a marine mammal.  During the peak season (mid-December to mid-March), there are literally thousands of humpback whales in our islands. On Maui, we are fortunate to have hundreds of daily humpback whale sightings well into April and May.

We so enjoy these gentle giants at Napili Point Resort. We invite you to come visit us soon! Call toll free at 1-800-669-6252 (US and Canada) or direct 1-808-669-9222, Daily 7AM-9PM Hawaii Standard Time


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Napili Point Resort! We hope that all of you are able to come and visit us this year.  Please remember that we are offering every 5th night free between now and 12/21/11.   IN ADDITION TO EVERY 5TH NIGHT FREE – we also offer a AAA Rate (15% discount/no car included), Condo/Car Packages, and 50+Club Rates (20% discount/no car included – must be 50 years or older to apply).

Would you like to be a Napili Point Resort Facebook Fan? Please come visit at:



Aerial Photos of Napili Point Resort

Last week we had Randy Miller of Miller Images in Lahaina, come to Napili Point Resort and take aerial photos of the resort.  These weren’t just any aerial photos – Randy used a 6′ drone airplane that was equipped with 2 digital cameras underneath the plane’s wings. 

It was an absolutely beautiful morning in Napili – not a cloud in the sky.  It was around 8AM when Randy launched the airplane from the “point” of the resort.  He navigated the airplane remotely, walking up and down the resort taking aerial photos of the resort, Honokeana Bay, and he even got shots of the honu (turtles) in the bay!  The camera took a photo every 5 seconds and they turned out incredible! 

Would you like to see all the photos that Randy took?  Please visit our Napili Point Resort Facebook Fan Page at this link.  Remember – you do not need to have a Facebook account to look at our Fan Page and enjoy it.  It is a public site and available for viewing by anyone. Once you are the Fan Page, click on Photos and then the first album is called “Aerial/Resort Photos”.



Mele Kalikimaka & Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here are other English/Hawaiian words that we sometimes use in Hawaii during the Christmas season – enjoy!

  • Angel – Anela
  • Candy – Kanake
  • Christmas Eve – Ahiahi Kalikimaka
  • Christmas Tree – La’au Kalikimaka
  • Elf – Menehune
  • Garland – Lei
  • Gift – Makana
  • God – Akua
  • Holly – Kawa’u
  • Jesus Christ- Iesu Kristo
  • Joy, Happy – Hau’oli
  • Love – Aloha
  • Mistletoe – Kaumahana
  • Ornament – Wehi
  • Peace – Malu
  • Reindeer – Leinekia
  • Santa Claus – Kanakaloka
  • Snow – Hau Kea
  • Snowball – Popohau
  • Snowflake – Hau puehuehu
  • Star – Hoku
  • Wreath – Lei


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